Handling Difficult Conversations

Picture37The Handling Difficult Conversations workshop is designed to help employees at all levels build their skills and confidence in having difficult conversations with customers/clients and external stakeholders.  However, these skills can equally be applied to internal relationships within  the organisation.

Difficult conversations might include:

– Being assertive with internal and external stakeholders
– Handling customer complaints
– Dealing with conflict

This workshop is designed to be highly practical and participative so that participants can be actively involved in identifying and practising a range of skills and approaches that can be used to deal with challenging situations.

We use a small team of actors/facilitators to demonstrate situations that might be familiar to the participantsvia the use of Forum Theatre and then the actors/facilitators work in small groups with participants on skills practice on a range of challenging situations that they might encounter.

Participants complete an on-line Strengths Deployment Inventory beforehand which is used during the workshop to explore different styles and approaches to dealing with conflict.