Coaching Supervision

Picture WICR 2As an external or internal coach, having a supervisor for your coaching can help take you to the next level, both in terms of your professional development as a coach and personally.  Supervision not only gives you the opportunity to take your issues and challenges with clients to a more experienced coach, it also gives you a safe and well-supported space in which you can:

– Focus on your clients and how they present themselves

– Reflect on the strategies and interventions you are using

– Explore in depth your relationships with your clients

– Focus on you, your well-being and development

– Ensure you are being ethical in your conversations with sponsors, stakeholders and coachees

– Establish workable coaching contracts that are thoroughly thought through and can be revised when necessary. Many coaches miss the importance of these conversations with sponsors and coachees.

– And last, but not least, you can focus on your professional development and the growth of your business.

In addition, for those of you engaged in executive coaching, we are finding that an increasing number of client organisations are now requiring their coaches to have supervision.  Thus supervision can also provide additional evidence of your professionalism as an executive coach.

Within our core team, we have two fully qualified coach supervisors who hold a Diploma (accredited by the International Coach Federation) with the Coaching Supervision Academy (CSA).   The CSA’s approach centres on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches, one in which they can significantly develop their range and capabilities as a coach and can return to their work, resourced and stimulated.

Click below to see the profiles of our Coach Supervisors:

Jane Lewis

Jessica Raby