Transition Coaching

Picture11 - CopyWith Transition Coaching, we work with individuals who are impacted by organisational change and/or restructure.  The coachee is assigned their own personal coach who works with them in a highly flexible and individual way to create a programme that will support them in making the transition to the next stage of their career.  Typically, a programme might include:

– Exploring and identifying career options and supporting the coachee to select and move towards that option
– CV drafting and preparation; CV review and feedback
– Interview preparation and skills practice (using video and a role player)
– Dealing with the practical and emotional impact of transition, both within and outside of work
– Equipping the coachee to move into the next phase of their career
– Supporting the coachee in the key, initial stages of entry into the next stage of their working life.

The number, length and frequency of sessions, the medium (face to face or telephone) and what the coachee chooses to explore will be contracted following an initial diagnostic session with the assigned coach.  This can be flexed to meet the changing needs of the coachee during the programme.  Each coaching programme can be complemented by a selection of psychometric tests and inventories, depending on the specific needs of the individual.  These tools will be used as a means of creating greater self-awareness for the coachee of their style, strengths and preferences, which can be used to help select future career options, assess job opportunities and transition into a new role.