Coaching Conversations

Picture28We know that coaching is one of the most powerful ways of accelerating performance, triggering motivation, generating innovation, developing talent and bringing about behavioural change – that’s why we use it extensively with our clients.  We also recognise that organisations want their managers to be able to coach their people and realise these very same benefits.  So we have condensed our experience and expertise into a Coaching Conversations programme designed specifically for managers.

Coaching Conversations is not about turning managers into coaches. It’s about giving managers practical skills and a simple process to use when the opportunity for coaching arises during the course of working life.

During the programme, we aim to:

  • Introduce you to the concept of coaching as a tool for managing and mentoring staff
  • Present some simple models and tools for you to use when coaching
  • Develop your skills as a coach
  • Identify how you can use coaching in your day to day work.

The programme is designed to be higly practical and participative, thus enabling you to use the skills back at work immediately.