Recruitment & Selection

Interview 2The unreliability of the interview as a selection tool is well documented.  Structured, competency based interviewing goes some way towards eliminating subjectivity from the process, but when you’re investing thousands of pounds in your selection decisions, it makes business sense to be sure.  And you need to be confident that you’re selecting fairly, within the law and in a way that promotes and protects your Employer Brand.

We can work with your HR and Recruitment Professionals to ensure that they are using the latest, best practice interviewing techniques, thus enabling them to really add value to the recruitment process.

We can also train your Hiring Managers in interviewing techniques so that you can feel confident that they are selecting people fairly and effectively.

We can design and deliver the following programmes:

  • Interviewing Skills for Recruiting Managers
  • Competency-Based Interviewing Skills
  • Advanced Interviewing Skills
  • Interviewing Skills Refresher

Contact us to tailor an interviewing skills programme to meet your organisation’s specific needs.