Executive Coaching

Picture20In today’s challenging business environment, it is crucial that managers at all levels perform well and contribute to the leadership and success of the business.

Executive Coaching is designed to help managers, professionals and executives to develop their potential and/or improve key aspects of their performance at work.

Job specific and corporate training programmes are often sufficient to develop the knowledge and skills that people need to contribute effectively.  Yet there may be times when an individually tailored 1:1 approach is needed, for example in:

  • Supporting a technical specialist to assume a wider, managerial role
  • Helping a manager to develop a motivated and high performing team
  • Preparing a high flyer for a promotion or a role change
  • Helping a manager to cope with the demands of new responsibilities or a challenging new project
  • Helping an individual through major organisational and/or personal change
  • Managing stress
  • Developing interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence
  • Building confidence, impact and influence
  • Enabling an under-performing manager to achieve specific objectives and targets
  • Supporting a redundant employee to find their niche and to cope with the transition to a new life.

Whilst our executive coaching programmes are designed to meet individual needs, a typical programme will offer an introductory session, with no further obligation, to enable the individual to experience the coaching process, decide whether coaching is the right way forward, discuss their specific requirements and agree the most appropriate way of meeting them.  Following that, there would be regular coaching sessions over three to six months to provide the focus and intensity needed to achieve great results.  We use questionnaires and a 360 degree feedback tool to increase self-awareness and provide insights.  Coaching sessions can be organised on a face to face and/or telephone basis, according to the individual’s preferences and circumstances.  We offer complete confidentiality – it is the responsibility of the person being coached to agree with the organisation what feedback they will give.